Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's been awhile...

Hi guys, it’s been awhile. I miss pouring my heart here, write everything that’s on my mind without afraid of being judged. I personally think my blog is my safe-place because I know each one of you guys who’s reading my posts. So it feels like home.
Yes, it’s been awhile and I have some things/news to share with you guys. Let’s start with the most recent shall we?

First, I’m back in Malaysia for good, it has been two months now. The last time I came back was in 2014, so it’s been three years. People ask me why I choose to come back? Tbh, it’s a matter of personal choice. I want to make up for the time when I wasn’t there for my family and friends. Also, I want to be close to my family. To me, home is wherever my family is. Hence, Malaysia is home!

Second, I think some of you guys already know that right now I’m working as a Software Engineer in Bangsar. Sorry, I can’t tell you guys yet which company I’m working for since I’m still under probation for three months (If you know me well, I don’t like sharing thing/news that is uncertain). So far Alhamdulillah, my boss is nice, my mentor is super nice, and my colleagues are all very friendly. I learn a lot from my mentor and the people around me. Most importantly, I’m happy working at this company. I will share with you guys soon on how I got a job here (sneak peek: I got a job that, at first, I didn’t think I can do it)

Third, while I’m not working, I’m busy babysitting my PT3 brother. About one month left for the exam so I’m a teacher at night. If you guys have sibling that is taking PT3 this year, who might have any question regarding any subjects (eg test/exam/homework), feel free to ask! Also, I have a SPM taker in da house, but he’s in the boarding school, I teach him only during holidays. (email: i check my email everyday)

Fourth, I’m thinking of giving back to the community after years of studying using the taxpayers’ money. If you guys need any help, or any question, or even anything that can make me feel useful, let me know! I’m here to help! I’m serious! (if you want to go anonymous, then shoot me any questions at, yes I know people use now, I’m old-fashioned like that)

I think that’s all, prior to write this post it feels I have to share but then only four???! Huh now it makes me realized that my life is actually not that roller-coaster ride as I thought it was…...

Anyways, see you guys on the next post!

(P/S: I have a super-long post about my graduation day in my draft, I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I do!)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kiss the Miss Goodbye

Time does fly when one of your best friends is getting married! This coming July I have to attend two wedding receptions back to back. Both are an important person in my life. And one of them is Laili. Need no introduction (I think I've written several posts about her and our friendship before), she's that special to me.

Meet Laili, the popular one. Most people know me as the 'friend of Laili' lol

So the other day, despite having to work on Friday and Saturday morning, I took my time and drove myself to Michigan (Friday evening) just to surprise her for her bachelorette party.Unfortunately I couldn't spend so much time with her since I have to work next morning at 10am, so I drove back to Columbus after Sahur. It's a four hours drive btw Ohio-Michigan and I had to write it down here just in case she questions my TLC in the future...

Introducing the bridesmaids. We might be smiling, but you don't want to mess with these girls.. Also, everybody here is graduated and unemployed. So, hire us!

The party only started after 12am. We had some games and light snacks in between. I brought some sheet masks to share with the girls and I'm glad everyone's enjoying it. It feels soooo good to spend time with these familiar faces as I know moving forward, everyone gonna be busy with their own lives. This might be the last time all of us can hang out together but I hope we can plan another meet up in Malaysia if we have a free time!

I'm so happy that finally a guy is brave enough to 'put a ring on it'. She deserves all the happiness in the world and I'm sure Aiman will treat her like a queen. More on this later for her wedding post. On the other note, hopefully when my time comes, my friends will be around to celebrate my day. Till the next post, take care!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Quick Update!

Hi, guys! I haven't blogged for weeks. I know, it's my fault. Some of you guys might say "I thought she's graduated, she must have a lot of free time to blog" but to be honest nope! #whatfreetime I'm still working as a part-timer at my school, having such a hard time to move on I guess. But I already sent my 'notice of leaving' to the boss last Monday. So hopefully, next two weeks I'll have some time to blog.
Yesterday I made roti john from scratch! *self-pat at the back*

Right now I'm waiting for iftar (that's why I'm here to kill some time hehehe). We made a lot of dishes for today. I made 'Daging Masak Lemak' for the house, can't wait to taste it! Today, the berbuka time will be at 8:54PM and sahur this morning ended at 4:32AM if I'm not mistaken. The first few days of fasting was hard for me, I was hangry all the time, probably because my body was not ready to fast for 17 hours. Alhamdulillah it's getting easier for me. This gonna be my last time fasting in the States, might as well I enjoy it!

Happy Ramadhan to you guys in Malaysia! It has been three years since the last time I went to bazaar Ramadhan; and I kinda miss fasting and praying terawih with my family at the mosque. Insyallah I'll be home by the second week of July. Will let you guys know when I received my flight ticket from the sponsor. Okay got to go, time to taste the food!
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