Sunday, May 7, 2017

Today is the Day !

Hi guys. I'm soooo excited that I'm finally graduating! I'm gonna write a long post later but for now I would like to thank each of you for being a part of my journey. Join me celebrating my graduation day through this live stream! The event gonna start at 12PM EST (which is 12AM Malaysian Time). It'll be hard to find me in the video because thousands other graduates gonna be there too. But I'll be standing/sitting with my College of Engineering friends.

See you guys in a bit :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Always make a time for an ice-cream!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates and post. I feel ashamed to even call myself a blogger. Right now I’m busy applying for jobs as an addition to school and work of course. I’m taking 16 credits this semester and 12 hours of working every week. The pressure is on and I barely have time for myself. Most of the time, I will find myself sleeping rather than spending my time on the other things such as socializing and attending any events. My goal is to get a job when I come back to Malaysia. 

This morning, I had an interview with the L company at 4:30 AM local time and later tonight at 10 PM I’ll be having the second interview with the tech team. Yes, 4:30 AM. Currently, it seems like I'm having an interview scheduled once every week for different companies. There’s a time that I wanted to give it a rest, but thinking that I’m not doing it for myself, I just have to keep going until I secure a job. When I was 10, I was really looking forward to being an adult. Little did I know that it’s a tough job and now I longed to be a kid again. 

After all, it’s just a phase that everyone has to go through whether you like it or not. Having a lot of responsibilities is a part of adulting. You just have to breeze through it with a smile on you face. And always remember that He will not burden you with something that you’re not capable of doing. Whenever you’re feeling down, remember why you started the journey and why you do it in the first place. As for me, I’m doing this for my family, they’re the ones who keep me going. 

Also, think of this challenge as a part of you getting stronger. I always remind myself that once I managed to conquer this obstacle, the next time I face it, it won’t be as hard as it is now. For every interview that I had, it makes me wiser and stronger. It makes me fearless and not afraid of rejection. I’ll tell you the ugly truth, out of hundreds of application that I sent, less than 10% that replies. I’ve received hundreds of rejection more than you can imagine. It’s not always rainbow and butterflies, but in the end, I believe it’s gonna be worth it. 

Till then, don’t give up on what you're passionate about and keep on dreaming! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Travel Tip: Microwavable Rice Cooker !

I'm writing to you guys from Cortez, Colorado. We're on our way to the Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

Since eating out during travel gonna cost me a lot of money, I bought this mini rice cooker from Amazon a few days ago. It only costs me about $13 and it works like magic! So for anyone who cannot live without rice, even though you're traveling abroad (like me), I recommend for you guys to buy this!

It comes with a small beaker, a spatula and a small pot to cook the rice. Plus, it's very easy to use. You only have to put rice and water in the pot and microwave it for 30mins (the cooking time varies on the amount of rice and the microwave's power). It can also be used daily, but since it's a mini version of the original rice cooker. I don't think it's suitable for family use. 

I'm so happy with this purchase! So far I've used this rice cooker two times and I'm happy with my rice :D I'm going to buy more of this microwavable products. They also have the thing to make an omelet, steamed veggies, pasta and many more. I also bought the omelet thing but I didn't get the chance to test it yet. That means another review coming up later!

I personally think that this invention saves a lot of time and hassle free. Let say you're busy to fix breakfast for yourself in the morning, you can just mix the eggs and veggies in the omelet thing and put it in the microwave. While waiting, you can dress yourself up #multitaskingatitsbest ! Plus, you'll get a healthier meal since it doesn't require any oil. 

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