Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcome SPM ,

be more mature yaa ily ;0

i'm seventeen today . woot woot ! so, officially i am SPM candidate . gosh . frankly, im not ready yet fer that 'heaven-made' examination. so my resolution for this year is, yaaa, to be a nice little girl,with no cry . uh-huh . 

i want ;

  • pointer 3.8 above fer next sem .
  • have a great senior year in MRSM Pendang .
  • A's for chemistro and biologos .
  • a superb memory before i left this high school moment .
  • 150 cm above ,yaww .
  • live, love, laugh and enjoy my lifey .
  • berkenalan dengan semua warga MRSM Pendang termasuk warga semarak klasik  *macam dah takde keje lain je kan ;  

it might be a tough year for me , but things happen for a reason . Allah takkan bagi ujian kpd umat-Nya kecuali ke atas mereka yang mampu . so, i want to prove it to myself that ily kental . god, bless me ya ;)

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