Wednesday, March 16, 2011

its autumn :)

location : japan.
mood : excited ;D 


dont wanna talk much.let the photos do the talking .

tree of wisdom,HAHA

spring time :)

photoholic, cukop excited tak muke kitorang ;D

exchange student from malaysia :)

candid .

candid 2 .

err,okay aku tipu je,bukan kat jepun .

nampak TINGGI ;)

mid plus ina .

dhyla and ayu.

aku pun mesti nak jugak,hee . aku with cikwa ;D

cikwa super excited ;D

aku super duper excited,HAHA

okay korang excited,aku terdiam dkt belakang :)

candid 3.

dhyla candid sorang sorang,hee .

i love this photo much ♥ thumbs up babes !

note : gonna miss the spring and the autumn season in pendang ;(

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