Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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 Truth About Baby Dumping | (raar) rules aren't always 

Truth About Baby Dumping

  • Malaysia condom price is still too expensive for the poor and is hard to obtain in rural area. They can't afford it.
  • Young generation need sex education. How to prevent ejaculation while inside, how to wear condom, how baby were made etc. etc.
  • Parents don't pay enough attention to their kids. They don't even realise their daughter is pregnant.
  • Parents make noise at the night while having sex making their kids curious about sex.
  • There is too much vacant area in Malaysia that give opportunity for people to have instant sex and dumping babiesToo much garbage bin that located in hidden places giving opportunity for people to dump babies.(that's why you can see rubbish is everywhere in Malaysia)
  • Too much 3gp video that influence others to make a collection of themselves.
  • Young mothers afraid of their parents that will chase away them if they know they are pregnant outside marriage. Unsupportive parents.
  • Adultery is just another usual thing for Malaysian, like eating at mamak.

  # I live in the moment,not in the past nor the future

note: i read this article on this blog (click here) . from my view,what he said was totally true guys . so think about it.

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