Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my stupid act this morning , LOL .


hey fellas, i wanna share with u guys about how stupid and slow motion is me .im late for this morning class, which is my second day in inti campus. this morning fatimah (my roommate)  and I,were late for english class . our lecturer is very strict and fierce sometimes . after reach at the campus second level , i saw our lecturer, mr . lim . and i said to fatimah 'hey, lets follow him to the class ' . then we rushed to the fifth level and didn't panic at all because our lecturer is here. thts mean we're not late . as we arrived at our class,out to my expectation , mr. lim was teaching at that time. OMG . it was so embarrassing  .and who's the person tht we followed along the way to the class ? mr.lim's twin i guess.teehee .

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