Friday, August 10, 2012

18 , not just a number .


so thats it , last monday i celebrated my 18th birthday , which fell on 6th August . and you know what . this year celebration was extremely superb . i dont know why , i felt so blessed and touched. im eighteen , means more burdensome responsibilities that i have to take , but bring it on. comes hell or high water, Allah is enough for me .

and i realized that i was surrounded by a group of awesome people , especially my family of course. without em im nothing. my fiancee called me right after iftar , nope, while i was iftar-ing . she called me. I'm touched. and people started to wish me since maghrib thru my phone and whatsapp . Ya Allah , those feelings were indescribable. Alhamdulillah . after all that happened last few months, i was so grateful when some people really appreciate my existence . I have my family and friends who wont let me down, who'll stick around no matter what .

i vow to myself not to let em down , cause after those you-know-what things happened , I've drown in my own feelings, dilemma , just cared about my problem , not thinking about others .  yes , im sooo not Ilifilza Anis for the past few months. so enough with those mushy-lovey-dovey stuffs .the most important people for now is myself, my family and my friends. that's all . im doing this just to protect myself and im gonna change for good , Insyaallah . reprimand me if im wrong, im just an ordinary girl. and on top of that , i need YOU GUYS in my life .

happy birthday Ily Rusli :D

oh yes, im wearing a pair of lens 

Ilifilza Anis Rusli ,

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