Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Helpless , Hopeless

Assalammualaikum .

How are you doing ? if the answer is fine , Great , me ? hmm , still surviving though i have to face the killer subjects which are Calculus133 and Physic211 . Trust me fellas , you'll never experience the toughness of math until you meet Mr . Calculus .

okay actually i wanted to share w you guys about my personal experience . have you ever be in the situation when your friends are having a deplorable moment , but you're standing there , effortlessly watching them , wanted to cheer them up , but not knowing what to do ? Its like this evening , a friend of mine got his TOEFL result , and he didnt meet the MARA's requirements to further his study in States . I already got mine too , but its just merely passed , cukup cukup makan je. and that day i was sooo down , and he called me to cheer me up. He knows how to comfort me whenever i lose my hope. But when it comes to the situation , when he was facing a hard time , ughh , i feel bad bcs i didnt do anything . Not only him , that day when my friend faced the same situation , i was there too doing nothing . so can you see how helpless and hopeless am i right now ?

now come to next part , its peculiar isnt when a gabby girl seldomly updated her blog . well , i have to clear this thing up . when ppl asked me why i seemed so freaking lazyyy to update my blog, seriously i dont have the answer for that kind of question. firstly , its because right now im taking five subjects for this semester and this crappy schedule is really shooting me down. Cuba bayangkan , i got 8 hours of classes (6 hours straight) on Monday and 6 hours of non-stop classes on Wednesday . and got a tidy sum of workloads , university applications lagi . cuba bayangkan , the petite me have to do all those stuffs. cuba bayangkannn .the second reason is , knowing the fact that you're reading my blog , i dont feel to write much abt me in it . so i 'll just post about some current issues and my personal view abt something that has happened in my life , like cerita tadi . so stay tune for the next post , and thanks for reading :)

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