Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mooncake Festival

Assalammulaikum dear readers,

this monthly entry is about mid-autumn festival which was celebrated yesterday , 30th September . it was a night with a full moon tau . and i was lucky enough this year to celebrate this festival with my friends at Vihara Miao Fa Temple , Kampung Baru Nilai . although we lost for an hour , searching for the temple like tawaf satu nilai kot . that's so lameeeee.

it was indeed an amazing experience . i got to know a lot of Chinese people , penduduk kampung baru nilai ,obviously . i ate a lot of chinese foods which i dont know their names actually , main makan je . Typical Ily . but yeah , the food is halal and vegetarian . and one of the chinese kuih was like custard jagung , but less sweet . and they also got pau , but the lembik version with kacang and kelapa as the inti . and they were effing delicious , like seriously tak tipu . and they served tasteless teh cina , but i teguk dekat secawan jugak haha.

after that we had a chance to walk around the kampung while holding a lantern . its their culture , walking around as the symbol of harmony . they gather all the relatives to celebrate this festival together . oh not to forget they also got some mini games , which we didnt have the chance to play sebab sesat punya pasal . and  some riddles ( but written in chinese's words) were hung around the tample .

so thats all my experience during this mooncake festival , i recommend you guys to join this kind of festival next year . we malaysian , should blend with each race cultures , baru lah satu Malaysia right ? and in INTI , surrounded by mostly chinese friends , makes me realized that we chinese and malay students can get along well . no racism at all . okay lah got a lotsa works need to be done . Assalammualaikum :)

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