Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Entry


happy new year twenty thirteen guys *fireworks* i know its kinda late , anyway happy new year to all of you . Let's recap what I've done in 2012 , it has been an emotional yet joyful roller coaster ride throughout the year . And most importantly , i'd learnt my lesson .

So basically tahun lepas as a SPM/school leaver normal things yg kita buat were getting a car license , amik result , decide major/course, masuk university and study . So briefly , i've got my license with me , my SPM result was 6A+ 2A 1A- , right now i'm majoring in Engineering and taking my foundation at INTI International University . I also took my SAT and TOEFL last year , and the results were not splendid at all .

Since last year I was very busy , not only me , tapi my family pun busy (my sis was in her last semester, my bro amik UPSR) so we just had a chance to spend our holiday at Legoland Malaysia and Cameron Highland , tu pun last school holiday before my bro masuk asrama . Later i will upload our photos , especially at Cameron Highland because we went to Boh Plantation where the scenery was totally amaaaaaaazingg .

Twenty twelve was pretty awesome for me. Movie of the year mestilah jatuh kepada *drumroll* Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 . Obviously because im a twihard :p Songs pun not bad . My favorite are Payphone , Tulisa's Sight Of You , Taylor Swift's songs in her new album RED , Fun's Carry On, Thousand Years Part 2, Somebody I Used To Know, 1D's lil things and the list goes on. Tapi yang listed tu on the top of my list lah.

Here comes to the new year resolutions part. This year i just want everything goes smoothly especially my university applications. I wanna be Maryland College Park's student , InsyaAllah Aminnn. And i wanna get into the Dean List , hopefully this sem i will sebab tak pernah dapat, kalau dapat mesti gembira tahap petala ke lapan. haha. Okay lah, that's all . Enjoy your holiday while it lasts !

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