Friday, February 22, 2013



Happy Friday and Salam Jumaat everyone . I just wanna do a quick post today . My whole body is aching due to the intensive training for the upcoming netball match , so ugh , I could scarcely move my arms .

This morning I had a random conversation with my Chinese friend Matthew . So i asked him ;

" Hey how do you guys differentiate between a Chinese from Malaysia and the one from China ?"

He said " The way they talk , you know we had different accents, their clothes, their faces "

"Their faces ? I thought you guys were all same , cause up till now I still can't distinguish between you and them"

"You see ah , their eyes are really sepet , like really small (while he's pulling the side of his eyes to show me how slanted they are) "

"But yours are sepet too "

"Hey my eyes are bigger than yours "

lol i didn't expect that sentence would come out from his (chinese) mouth.....And i laughed really hard which had drawn my classmate's attention because we're having the calculus presentation  :p

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