Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just A Quick Post !


HI ! How are you doing ? i know some of the readers would like to know how Ohio looks like , so here it is . Just a short post . Being an iphone user , u know, kena sync and everything . malas kadang kadang tu and i dont have a lot of pictures actually . first week ni im kinda busy . faham faham jelah.

my housemates 

the very first picture in columbus

im having my breakfast in Newark Liberty Airport,New York

it's the picture in the ohio union !

makan makan di rumah senior

our picture with Brutus !

gambar me with my roommate !

kat sini dia dah nak autumn the weather is quite cold which is 12/11 degree Celsius .summer pun sejuk.  sejuk tau bagi Malaysian . orang sana relax je jogging tak pakai baju. so till then . Love from the Ohio State university !


  1. Take care ily ! Jaga hati jaga iman .
    Cant wait for your next post .
    and update your instagram too ! hihi
    Miss you ily :')

    1. okay be'e , insyaallah :) miss you too and i miss malaysia a lottt

  2. Dah jadi dak overseas.. hehe take care
    Aku sama cam be'e, eager to know what's next
    Baru je jumpa instagwem kau,
    Semoga berjaye always ! ^^

    1. awww terharunya dapat kawan mcm korg, kalau korg nak tau apa2 pasal dekat sini tanya je tau. aku pun kadang2 blank tktau nk cerita apa :3


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