Friday, December 20, 2013

Chicago #2 (Shedd Aquarium)


This is the second part of my Chicago trip, so this time I would like to share with you guys about Shedd Aquarium. I have always been a sea creatures lover. But before that, all the tickets to these amazing places we bought it through Chicago City Pass. It's $89 dollars for 5 great places to visit, it's totally worth it. You guys can google it up for more info. Without City Pass the ticket to this attraction will cost you about $34 bucks if I'm not mistaken. The best thing about this pass is you don't have to queue up to get in !

Hey you, yes you, the adorable little penguins 

We got to watch the Aquatic Show and as a first timer, I was really excited ! The beluga whales and dolphins were really cute...... still couldn't get over their overloaded cuteness 

Those different species of the Sea Stars in the sea 

So this is the Arapaima, the largest fish in the Amazon. It's 10 feet long and I was like half of its length only 

A shocking truth right ? Piranhas don't eat human...

My next post is gonna be about the famous Chicago's attraction which is The Skydeck at the Willis Tower : ) feel free to ask me anything through my guys. Till then, good night Malaysia !

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