Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chicago #3 (Skydeck)


Happy new year ! semoga tahun 2014 membawa kejayaan, kegembiraan dan keberkatan kepada kita semua. I wish a bit early for this year; right now it's 4.41pm in the states. I know u guys might be sleeping while I'm writing this post. So yeah, let me continue my story about my trip to Chicago today. This time,it's about my trip to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower : ) Skydeck is a very famous place in Chicago,known for its glass rooms.

General entrance will cost you about $36 but as I told you guys earlier I used the Chicago City Pass to visit this attraction. If u guys don't use the city pass the waiting time to enter Skydeck is approximately 2-3 hours. I saw a guy sleeping while waiting for his turn. For the city pass holder you can get in there in 30 minutes.

From up here we could see a lot of places such as Millennium Park and Navy Pier (which were not in this picture hehe)

So this is basically the glass room which is,from my view, small and crowded if u guys go there during the peak hour. I went there during the Thanksgiving break so there was a lot of people waiting for their turns to take pictures here. There are 4 rooms in total but one of them is reserved for the Skydeck's professional photographer.

So here are some pictures of us here despite of many eyes were watching us while we took the pictures

I guess the background of the city would be better if we go there during the day.

This is the place that I recommend to go if you guys gonna visit Chicago. That's all from me. Again, happy new year guys : ) I wish you all the best in what ever you guys are doing.

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