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Firstly, thanks for asking me a question. Good question though,but I wasn't expecting a question on the SPM subject hehehe. I took SPM three years ago. Jadi, maaflah kalau ada kekurangan dan salah silap. I'll try my best to answer your question dear anon.

Do you have any tips on Mole concept? Avogadro Number?

Avogadro's Constant (AC) is equal to 6.022 x 10^23. To make it easy, we can conclude that :
                                                                   1 mol = 6.022 x 10^23
1 dozen = 12 apples

Basically, AC functions like 'a dozen' term . So, I'm guessing that you asked for tips on the calculation part right?

Here is what I have, hope it helps :

 A x B = C or C / A = B 
Mass of substance (g)   
Molar mass (g/mol)  
Moles of substance (mol)
Moles of substance (mol)  
Avogadro's constant (atoms/mol)      
Atoms (or molecules)
Mass of substance (g)    
Molar mass (mol/g) x Avogadro's constant (atoms/mol) 
Atoms (or molecules)   

That's all. I hope that I'm answering your question. If there's any doubt just ask me okay. You guys can ask me literally anything. I'll try to answer your question : )

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