Wednesday, September 3, 2014

22 Facts About Me


Yeah I know I supposed to post these facts on my instagram, tapi I don't think semua orang nak baca and tahu. So I decide to put it here since I know you guys who followed my blog are my friends who really care about me. Thank you to those who tagged me on instagram and here goes 20 facts about me :)

1. Ilifilza Anis Rusli. Masa kecik dulu family belah ayah panggil 'Gendon' and family belah mama panggil 'Yu Yien' sebab I got the Chinese look (dulu masa kecik putih melepak,now dah tanned sobs)

2. Currently a student in the Ohio State University majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and minoring in Arts and Technology.

3. Struggling with my major since I'm not an expert in programming, very keen and willing to learn from the expert but no ones want to teach me sobs (again).

4. I prefer to eat malay food rather than western. Make sure it's spicy because I grew up eating spicy food all the time.

5. Currently working at the University Catering and I love my job.

6. My mom and sister love to dress up and make up. So sometimes they encourage me to wear the girly skirts dresses heels. So sometimes I pakai jugak lah. But when I'm here by myself, jean sweatshirt sneaker are my best friend. So don't ask for a OOTD picture because I don't have one. Never wear a decent stylish clothes to school. Fav clothes are my PJs.

7. My height is 151cm, the tallest girl in my family.

8. I do love to read novels but now I don't have time to even finish a book.

9. Even though I don't have time to read books, but I keep buying them here with hope that one day I could finish reading them all. I love to shop actually.

10. I've never told this to anyone else before. Besides the fact that I'm really afraid of cats, actually I'm afraid of balloons and lightning/thunder too. Tak pernah join party dorm yang melibatkan balloons if korang perasan. Kalau lightning/thunder pulak sometimes when Im driving alone I will pull over my car when I hear thunder and see lightning.

11. But I do love balloons yang terbang tu and secretly hoping someone will give me that kind of balloons on my special day.

12. I really want to learn how to play piano or violin but never get a chance to do that. Currently searching for a teacher with an affordable fee to teach me playing piano.

13. Cannot stay mad or even get mad at people who I loved dearly. And even after what the person put me through I will still love him/her because it's actually hard for me to love someone.

14. Susah nak trust people to share my problems with them because I don't like people feel sorry for me. Only those who are in my inner circle know what I'm going through right now. Alhamdulillah they still love me for who I am.

15. I love each and every banana-base food and drinks such as cekodok pisang, banana smoothies, lepat pisang, roti canai pisang, pina coladas ice cream. Anything with pisang lah

16. Hidden talents: Boleh nangis dan bersin without a sound. Been crying without sound since twelve/ thirteen (I don't really remember) because masatu taknak orang lain tahu kita tengah sedih hahaha k

17. A person who's really extremely sensitive but choose to not showing it. Gosh baru perasan how secretive am I. Senang touching, get jealous, nangis.

18. I freaking love traveling and do adventurous activities. Planning on doing skydiving bungee jump cliff diving etc after I finish my studies.

19. People who are really close to me do know how manja childish entah apa apa and annoying am I. If you ask them to describe Ilifilza they would say "manja", and people who asked sometimes get shocked with the answer.

20. I enjoy doing stupid things and take pictures with ugly faces. Surrounded by the beauties and decent girls make me ashamed to do that now. Insecure overdose.

21. I don't have a cute and neat handwriting. Really.

22. Kalau dekat library or restaurant I prefer to take off my shoes and duduk bersila. Memang selesa habis. I hate protocol and those formal rules and behaving well as a girl.

23. Sangat sangat sangat insecure. You don't have any idea how insecure am I. You can tell by looking at how many selfies I have on my Instagram account and what picture I use right now as my Twitter profile picture (It's not like I hate taking selfies, I do love selfies but to post it on public, na-ah. Im not that pretty and good enough tho). I feel timid and insecure when I become the center of attraction (giving speech etc.). So each time I'm gonna blend in with the surroundings rather than stand out. Dulu a younger version of Ilifilza sangat bold, self confidence sangat tinggi, always volunteer to represent school in debate/ story telling competition. But now, hmm I wonder what's happened to that Ili ?

24. I know what I want in life and will go after it. However, I'm a realist. Everyone have a big dream, me too of course. But I won't force myself to achieve something that I can't. I'm used to not having what I want in life. I'm used to be disappointed. Maybe that what makes me a realist.

25. Easily distracted especially when I'm doing homework. Only god knows how much I hate doing homework. Selalu have to pujuk myself "okay Ilifilza jangan malas, lepas buat lima soalan nanti kita tengok cerita/drama/main game" . And I always reward myself after I completed the tasks given.

26. Part of my body yang paling sensitive are skin and my eyes. Eyes kalau nangis sikit je bengkak dia macam nangis semalaman and kalau tak cukup tidur sikit je eye bags berbakul bakul. Haihhh

27. Pantang gila kalau tak cukup tidur. Last time masa tak cukup tidur I was zombified the next day. I couldn't think straight. I need to sleep at least 5 hours at night. I always choose sleeping over doing homework and ended up not submitting my homework because I didn't do it. Lazy-ass Ilifilza.

Okay that's all from me. Some of the facts memang exclusive untuk korang since saya ni perahsia orang nya. Well, that's the point of doing this "20 facts .." things right. To tell people things they do not know about us. Till then, Assalammualaikum ladies.

......and I think i'm gonna add on this list as the time goes by because I'm still learning and discovering my self. Knowing Ilifilza,she's very complicated. Sometimes i have a fight with my inner self when it comes to give out decisions for my very own life.


  1. heheheh yesss memang aku silent reader kau all the time ;) nice one :>


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