Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Hi semua my lovely silent readers. Seperti biasa I was doing my daily routine, checking my emails and stuff. Then there's one email ni yang I think it's proper to reply in BM. Right now I'm assisting delegates from the MMSC Malaysia on their trip to Columbus,OH. Lepastu the kakak asked me to propose some places to eat and visit. Okay, that part was done. Now it's the time for me to reply her email with attaching some documents.

At first, I'm torn between using English or BM prior to reply her email,really. I don't want to offend the kakak since she sent the email using bahasa rojak. Then I decided to write in BM. When I started to write my email, I literally laughed at myself. Teruk gila my malay, the email sounds really awkward and formal gila. I was squeezing my brain out to find the malay term for 'attached'. Ya Allah, it is so hard you know and I really really need to brush up my malay. Susah kalau nak buat surat rasmi in the future. It's not like my english is super good. My english is pretty bad,but right now I think my malay is worse. hahaha

Idk what do you guys think but for me, rasa macam awkward gila. It feels like reading Aiman's karangan Bahasa Melayu kertas 2, even Aiman's is way better than me now agaknya. Helplessly and hopelessly ily. Sekian.

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