Friday, September 12, 2014

My Reaction to UPSR Leaked Paper 2014


This is my conversation with mom this morning. You guys do aware about the leaked UPSR questions right ? My little brother is one of those students who were affected and I feel sorry for him. Because I was there teaching him during summer. I was there witnessing how he studied for the exam, how much efforts he put to understand everything that i taught.

My aiman is not a bright student, he studied a lot for the exam because he wants to go to the same school with his abang. If I were him, how can I not feel frustrated and bummed knowing that I have to go through the exams again. Yes, I do know that education is not all about exam, we're learning for life,not just for the sake of taking exam and getting A's. But they're still kids, all they wanted is this exam to end fast so they can go play Uno attack or dam haji or go to post-upsr trip with friends. Gosh people (read: whoever leaks the exam questions), please please please next time don't do this to the kids okay. Best of luck to my aiman, kaknis tahu aiman boleh buat. I have faith in you...

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