Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 20th Beeeeeelated Birthday Celebration


Yay finally after 20 years I have my own birthday celebration with friends. Believe me I never had one (birthday celebration with friends) since my birthday selalu jatuh on puasa/holiday/raya/trial spm. Even though it was wayyyy late, but it's okay the thought that counts.

Here's the story. Lately I'm having rough days so I went to Michigan for a weekend gateway. One of the reasons I went there was because to celebrate Laili's birthday. So the next day they told me that they wanted to make an early celebration for Syireen's birthday which is few days away. Pastu, being Ilifilza, she blindly trusts her friends without asking questions (my major weakness that people always take advantage on :(( ) (oh yeah last time I believed that Fieza was engaged with a stranger when she told me so, siap hantar wish panjang panjang and terharu lagi ugh)

So we went to Kroger to buy balloons and gift. After that, we headed to Lake Lansing because they said Syireen's having photoshoot near the lake. And knowing Ilifilza so well, they knew that I was gonna walk faster that the others and then taraaaaa they surprised me. It was totally unexpected and I cried hahaha first word yang keluar from my mouth was 'Jahat.....' and repeated the words few times. I laughed whenever I remembered that moment it was like "Jahat.. Jahat.. Jahatnya korang.. apani.. jahatnya.."

I was literally there kot buying the balloons and stuff. And siap cakap lagi masa we walked to the lake " Takpe Syireen tak perasan lah sebab dia bukan tahu pun kita nak celebrate dia punya birthday, mesti dia terkejut punya". And they secretly laughing at the back ugh. Anyways, thank you ladies. Simply made my day :)

A bunch of photos taken during the celebration and Lake Lansing is insanely beautiful, Subahanallah :) Sorry if it's too many pictures. I can't help it guys, the scenery and the moment were too beautiful to keep it to myself.

One happy family at home !

Thank you Hanis, Laili, Zainab and Qeela ! I love you guys like a lot 

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