Monday, November 3, 2014



Selalunya bila aku tengok drama/series/novel, bila hero & heroin gaduh sebab misunderstanding mesti aku rasa geram sebab "cakap jelah terus the truth dekat heroin tu, dah ada peluang ni" but the hero kept silent. "Ni mesti director/penulis sengaja nak panjangkan cerita ni hmph". Selalunya itu yang aku fikir, however, something happened to me today, same misunderstanding situation too, and i feel like I don't bother to explain myself. Why? Because those people already have thoughts and assumptions on you that even though they listened, the negative thoughts that they had wouldn't change. You are still the antagonist of the story no matter what, people would still find your fault behind all the truths, people would still curse you when there's no one left to blame. So tell me, why bother to explain ?

Dear readers, before you make any assumptions and become judge-y, please listen to both sides of the story. Just because he/she is not your friend, doesn't mean he/she is so wrong. People messed up sometimes, and you gotta forgive instead of pushing them away. Because one day you might make mistakes, too. We are all human. Sekian.

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