Saturday, November 29, 2014

JJCM #1 Cracker & Barrel


Presenting my new segment Jalan Jalan Cari Makan in the States !
Because eating is my passion, I'm gonna give an honest review on each restaurant that I've visited.

Cracker & Barrel

This restaurant is connected to a gift shop. You'll go through this gift shop first before you can see the restaurant entrance. As you can see here in the shop they sell cards, candles, christmas tree decorations and many more.

At first, I thought this restaurant is pricey because it looks like a fancy restaurant. However, it's not ! The price is affordable, the food is delicious and the coffee comes with free refills. Plus, the waiters is so friendly. I love the way this restaurant is decorated with vintage stuffs and photos. The atmosphere is so calm and romantic. There's candle lighted on each table. It feels like a candle light dinner. Definitely gonna take my boo here next time !

Here's my dish, I ordered Lemon Grilled Rainbow Trout with two sides: Hash brown & baked Sweet Potato. Plus we get muffin and bread as complement. It's only $7.99 ! Hands down because the trout is so good; living in Ohio I rarely eat fresh fish because it's pricey here due to the geographical constraints. My friends ordered Spicy Grilled Catfish and Grilled Haddock. They're all fingers licking good !

The happiest kid on earth when she gets food !

Me and my food hunting squad (Fai, Zura and Syaza) (there's a lot of old photos and vintage stuff hanging on the wall back there)

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