Monday, December 1, 2014

End of Semester Reflection


It's the last of November. How time flies.... I remembered the time when I was scheduling myself to 17 creds classes earlier this semester, battling with my inner-self "boleh ke tak buat ni? 4 majors subject and 1 writing class. are you sure Ili?" and now look I'm two weeks away to finals and tadaaa end of this crazy semester. Self pat for dear self because she did very well juggling her study, work and being MASA exco at the same time hehe kasi can lah for my self-appreciation time.

I'm having post-workout body ache right now while typing this post. Went to the gym this evening with my senior and did some cycling and running. Now I can't even sneeze and laugh, my stomach muscle hurts hahaha(virtual laugh is the least I can do right now) This proves how unfit and unhealthy am I this semester, just because I've got no time for gym at all. I feel bad for not utilizing the gym actually since I paid hundreds bucks for it every semester. Oh well. After coming back from the gym, I looked at the mirror and found my face is so puffy and plump. "How can I go on vacation with this extra fat on my cheeks oh god......." said Ili while stuffing more full-fat-cookies in her mouth.

On the other side: Mama, look how keen (read: ganas) your daughter is taking notes until the front cover torn apart! hehe

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