Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving: Chocolate Pecan Pie/Tart


Hi there! Last week I had a Thanksgiving dinner with my fellow Malaysians. We bought two huge turkeys and marinated them for a night. On the day of the event, the girls( exclude me) roasted the turkey in the oven. Yummy !

I was excluded from the turkey team since I was so busy on that day. I worked in the morning until twelve and I had a dental appointment at three. The event started at 7pm and I feel bad for not contributing anything. So the least that I could do is to make a dessert. Due to the time constraints, I typed in "last minute thanksgiving dessert" on google. Then I found a chocolate pecan tart recipe. It seemed doable and easy. I hoped on the next bus and did the ingredients-shopping in an hour after work and rush to the appointment after that.

I planned on doing three pies for the events but I only have two hours left to make the dessert so I cheated. I used an instant pie crust instead of making one. Actually it wasn't cheating, I was being a genius during Ili-is-freaking-out moment *blow nails* hehe. After I poured in the fillings, I put the pie in the freezer to make it cool faster. After an hour sitting in the freezer, voila two perfect pies ready to be served ! (two pies because one pie got rejected)

They told me it was very delicious and they even asked for the recipe. Omg, touched. I haven't bake for so long since I am suuuuuuuper busy this semester. I love to bake actually, I baked few times for the events during my first semester here. The highlight is, someone wants me to bake this pie for his birthday next January and he's willing to pay for my service. At first I was like "Are you serious? Okay you can buy the ingredients and then give me. I'll bake for you" Then he said "Yeah I'm serious, I'll pay you to make my birthday cake next Jan" Wow, finally someone appreciates my baking/cheating skills :p

Highlight of the event: turkey and murtabak USA. i still remember how delicious those food are. I feel like I'm home. When you're abroad, even these simple things would remind you of malaysia. Even a cup of coffee or a pack of maggi can sometimes make me having nak-balik-tapi-ticket-flight-mahal kind of feeling.

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