Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The day when I'm not myself


Last week up until today I lose myself and has been sick for days. Only He knows how tired and messed up am i right now. I'm so grateful to have all these people who keep my feet on the ground when i'm not myself last week. Thank you guys. Every time I experience emotion breakdown, you'll get to see the blur-unfocused-not-herself version of me.

Situation 1
I was standing in the bus shelter and suddenly I saw Reena then I approached her

Reena/Me: "Kau tengah tunggu bus apa and nak pergi mana ?" / *thinking so hard* "Eh, aku nak pergi Dreese Lab ada class in 5 mins kenapa aku tunggu bus kat sini"/ "Lol"/  "Reena, thank you I appreciate your existence in my life" *lari pergi class*.

(Dreese Lab is just walking by from my previous class I have no idea why the hell I waited for the bus, lewls)

Situation 2
Screenshot from my Azura (Yes, I called my phone Azura)

I totally forgot that I have to conduct an event which was an hour away after my working shift ended.

There's few more im-not-myself situations that I have to face last week. Therefore Im so grateful to have these people around me right now. 

Also last week I keep apologizing to others for messing up and had been lost in my own world. Again, I'm sorry guys I tried so hard to stand strong, but I got carried away :( Thank you for your understanding. 

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