Monday, January 26, 2015

Appreciation post for my readers


I received a lot of "your blog inspires and motivates me" and "update your blog please" in my askfm inbox. Thank you, really. I'm touched by all of your warm wishes and thoughts. You guys are the best ! But, the thing is i don't know which part of my blog inspires you. So tell me like "Ili please tell us about your studies" or "Show us the places that you went around the states". Then i'll know what to write and tell you guys. Because my blog i a random blog. It's not about fashion, neither about the academia stuff. My blog is just about the random me who writes whenever she feels like she wanted to spill. So now your job is to go and write on my askfm wall what kind of post you guys wanna read from me, or else i'll keep on writing my narcissist-self-absorbed post, like always. teehee.

I'm thinking of writing about my winter break trip in California for the next posts. (Yes, i know I havent posted about New York yet but ada hati nak post pasal California). So tell me it's a yay or a nay ?

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