Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hollywood Sign, Hollywood, CA


Because I've promised that I will post about my trip to California, well here goes the first part of my trip.... and I got two yays from my loyal readers. So yay it is !

Wait, before that I went to Cali with my best friends Laili and Hanis plus Aqeela and Solah. I took flight from Columbus,OH (CMH) to San Jose, CA (SJC) and then I rented a car for three weeks. Total money spent on this vacation (including the flight, rental car, food, souvenirs, Disneyland's tix etc)  is at most $1500 (Sorry I didn't really keep track on what I bought and spent during the vacation teheee) (Also, I went to Oregon and Seattle too) Most of the expenses went to food of course, we're able to reduce the accommodation cost because most of the time we stayed at either our friend's house or the embassy's. The trip was worth every penny I work on cleaning all the dirty dishes in the dish room while wearing that unsophisticated white apron hahaha serious talk I really want to visit California again. Maybe next time with my significant other hehehe because California is so freaking romantic

One of the attractions that we visited was the famous Hollywood sign. There's a several point in Hollywood that you can see the sign clearly, one of them is the Observatory Building and the other one is here (sorry i forgot the name) ! The place that I went was the residential area and the route to the sign was narrow and you need to be extra careful whenever you bump into another car from the other side of the road. 

Well here's the photos. The photos must be taken from the right angle so the sign will look bigger. I seriously had no idea how to take it since I have friends who are professional photographers, they do all the angles and stuff ;p (btw they even commented on my poor photo angles and alignments each time I took their photos, ugh so much for best friends)

An attempt to eat the hollywood sign. I think I failed miserably ahaha okay bye 

See how big the sign is now, take note. It's all about angle guyssssss (note: this is the same place I was standing in the above pictures)

The obligatory 'you jump i jump' photo 

Ilifilza Rusli

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