Monday, March 16, 2015

Disneyland California, CA


Today, I'm gonna bring you guys to to Disneyland California (my wish-list since I was little tau) ! This is my first time ever to visit the Disneyland and as you can see I was well prepared with my cheap $3 head gear I bought from Amazon weeks before my winter trip (I did a lil research beforehand; the minnie mouse ears at the theme park is expensive; $20), my red minnie-ish kind of top (it's mom's actually) and black shawl and pants ! You know, when you've dreamed of going to Disneyland since ever, you must've planned how perfect that day gonna be from A-Z hehehe

I went here with my friend, Aqeela. But this wasn't her first time thought. This is her third or fourth Disneyland if I'm not mistaken. The ticket is $96 for just one park/day. We didn't go to the Adventure Park because we wanted to see the fireworks at the castle by the end of the day. I don't mind of not going to the Adventure Park because I planned on going to the Disney World in Florida real soon. That one is much bigger than the California's.

So welcome to the Disneyland California ! The place where you could take pictures with Disney's characters including the Princes and Princesses ! I met Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale, Cinderella, Snow White and many more !

All the Disney's characters here are so into character, like Chip & Dale were cheeky and so naughty as usual with us. 

I paid a visit to Minnie's house. It's so pretty like in the movie.

My second time taking picture with Minnie in her backyard. She's so friendly.

Another interesting part of this trip is the Parade ! The parade is so cool and happening. This is where you can see all the characters before your eyes waving their hands to the crowds. And I was sitting there grinning foolishly like a kid. 

For me it's like reliving my childhood all over again. Like right at this moment I  literally cried " Mr Buzz Lightyear !  Mr Buzz Lightyear ! Hi Mr Buzz I'm here !" and when the kids beside me wanted to get the same attention I went "Ugh you kids so annoying this is my moment with Mr Buzz !" in my mind. No one's gonna stop you being childish at Disneyland though. Tapi dah besar panjang 20 tahun apa kejadahnya kau Ilifilza Anis berebut with kids for attention, God. 

The firework was so spectacular and romantic. With the background song and atmosphere ugh one could wish to have spent this moment with the significant one.

Disneyland is indeed the happiest place in the world and truly magical. Enough said.
It's like my dream comes true to be here. Money well spent !

(more pictures in my Twitter and Instagram @ilyrusli)

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  1. Bestnya Ilyyyyy :D suka baca post jenjalan kau :')


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