Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hollywood Walk of Fame, CA


I'm on my spring break. Weeee a much needed break. Seriously this week got me exhausted and not enough sleeps. Being Ilifilza, I really need generous amount of sleeps to stay healthy. If not, I need to get ready for fever and flu bersaudara.

So let's continue our journey to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame ! Before I got here, I thought the walk of fame is just like 1km or something. But I was wrong; the walk is really long you have no idea where is the start and the end. We parked our car in the parking lot (which is quite far from the main attraction, The Madame Tussaud's part) and I went to ask the parking lot guy:

 "Pakcik, can you show us the way to Hollywood Walk of Fame"

 But before he got the chance to answer I looked down and be like "Duhh Ili you stepped on it already"

Then I embarrassedly said "Eh takpelah pakcik buat susah je" in english luls

Let's begin !

This is the main attraction area where The Madame Tussaud's, China Theater, Hard Rock cafe are located. Plus, most of the famous artists'/actors' name are here too ! It's hard to find actually if you just go there on your own. Some people were selling the Maps for five bucks on your way to this area so you can locate your favorite artists names easily. I would rather spend my five bucks on food rather than that piece of map. At least good food makes you happy hehehe. 

Along the way there's few travel agent who will try to sell you tickets of their Hollywood tours which includes the Hollywood sign too. But mehh I honestly don't mind being lost at all because thats what tourist should be good at, right ?

I spotted several famous artists/actors such as Michael Jackson, Jackie Chan, Sandra Bullock, Julia Robert, and many more !

And here's my picture with my favorite actor, Johnny Depp. I'm seriously in love with his acting and characters in movies. Starstruck habis masa ni (even though that's just his wax figure)

Our picture in front of the China Theater with my favorite ladies and Marilyn Monroe and Cat Woman (I actually forgot what its actual name)

And here's the only start that is placed on the wall, the great Muhammad Ali's. It's actually hard to find his name since it is located at the quite hidden corner. We have to asked for the security's help to find it.

Last but not least, my picture with the VS angels star ! The least I could get since no angels is five feet tall ahaha

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