Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cherry Blossom | Spring 2015


A cherry blossom photo taken by Azura, so much love for this photo (yes Azura did a great job) (Go Azura!) So, this's a Spring time !!! *insert Bougainvillea song by Spring (because Bougainvillea is a flower so it's relatable whattt. The band name is Spring some more. Guys please...)* 

Me with the author of 'Aku Kafir Kau Siapa', Mr Ooi Kok Hin. Yes, he's a buckeye ! Go Bucks ! (You can get his book from Dubook Press)

Went all the way to Washington DC specifically the Kenwood residential area to get this shot taken. DC is well known for its Cherry Blossom, but it only lasts for a week. DC-Ohio is 7 hours drive and I went here for an event actually. So I just got to see the remaining of them :( But still, it's now Spring. I should be happy because I don't need to put the winter coat, boots and leggings on. Yayyy !

I'm currently in my exam week, one more week and I'm done. Please pray for me guys. Pray that He will take this 'malas' away. See I'm blogging instead of studying right now. With some students in Malaysia disputed about student abroad who's wasting 'duit rakyat' for traveling and having fun over here, I should have posted some of my pictures studying from now on. Pictures of sleeping with glasses on and a pen still in my grip till morning, coding till morning alone crying because I can't do it, me working for 12-16 hours per week with my apron on, cooking everyday without complains (not including the crave for Malaysian food roti canai laksa kedah ikan keli and all that). Yes, I should do that instead. 

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