Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OCWiC 2015


For the first time ever, I attended a conference alone by myself. Feelings? Hmm insecure of course, awkward and afraid that I'm gonna start and end this conference alone. I decided to get out of my comfort zone that explains why I went to the Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing (OCWiC) by myself. This conference was held at Sandusky,OH which is 2-3 hours away from my school and it gathered Computer Science students and professionals from all over Ohio such as OSU, Bowling Green State Uni, Cincinnati University and many more !

Btw, I love how this resort is decorated in the native american themed. It's so cool okay, trust me. There's even a real bear's skin hung up at the reception, no kidding. But not in the picture below though.

The thing I love the most was of course the freebies ! Melayu kan, memang suka benda benda free ni haha I received a bag full of stationaries and snacks and also a sweater !

However, after awhile I make friends with other students and I wasn't alone anymore ! Since it's celebration event, a party is a must ! I had fun with these girls dancing on the dance floor (since all of us are women so why not ?) and we chatted the whole night about how geeky and nerdy we were hahaha

This indian lady besides me is currently doing Masters in CSE !

But it's not all about party, we had a seminar, talked, presentation and resume review session too !

I felt so motivated when I was here looking at how strong and powerful these ladies were throughout the sessions. My major is a male-dominated major, so sometimes, honestly I feel intimidated to them. Also, there's one incident where this guy refused to be my lab partner just because I'm a girl who aren't really expert in programming. I know he's a smart guy but that doesn't mean he could ridicule me. Ish sedih ittew tau *sniffles*

I met a whole bunch of new friends, some of them are graduate students doing PhD and Masters program. Such a great inspiration to meet women who pursue their graduate study in Computer Science since I'm here drowning trying to complete my undergrads :(

This event was definitely the moment that I won't forget. And guess what ?  I survived ! I feel a lil bit confident after I this event and no guy could ever break me again ! Gonna do this more often next time (I mean going to conference alone, not the dancing part) hehehe

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