Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wafflepalooza, Columbus


Hi semua ! So there's one event at Downtown Columbus last weekend. It's called Wafflepalooza; a combination of unlimited waffles, coffee and live band for just $5. The waffle is so famous in here for its tastiness. So as the typical Malaysians, we go to places where there's unlimited food ! The weather was so nice we sat outside, sunbathing while enjoying our waffles. I'm truly blessed for these people and nice weather for that evening :)

You can only see that smile and dimple when I'm with food. Focus on the waffle, now its a naked waffle that gonna be transformed into.......
Wearing square scarf (FREE got from Masjid Omar, Columbus. Thankyou generous donor), Zippered Blouse from ZARA, sunglasses from Nine West , watch from Swatch

....... THIS ! With toppings brought from Kroger, the tasty plain waffle now became super tasty ! Cuma perlu tambah whip cream, chocolate syrup and banana, voila !

As you can see in this picture, the waffle maker machine is custom made just for this kedai. The waffle house is located at the North Market and my favorite one is of course the Nutella & Banana Waffle. Memang sedap !

"Beli lah Reddiwip, anda pasti tertawan !" - Duta Reddiwip (sejenis whip cream enak) 2015

With my two graduating seniors, Liyana and Kok Hin. Anyeong chingu ! I'm so gonna miss you guys and hope that we can meet up later in Malaysia. I wish you both a promising future ahead !

"I would rather kill you for food" face. Not-so-dainty me with my ladylike roommate, Syaza. Here's to more food hunts in the next two years, cheers ! Persoalannya, how many waffle I managed to eat that evening ? (Hint: I even went for a second round. Nope, I don't feel guilty to my tummy)

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