Monday, June 22, 2015

Ramadhan di UK 2015


I'm posting from my phone for the first time, so tak tahu lah how does this post looks on PC. I hope it looks great, no weird alignment or font. This year, some people already knew, I'm celebrating Ramadhan and Eid in the UK ☺️ Alhamdulillah for this nikmat to celebrate this festive season with my sister instead of being alone in Ohio. Plus, my non existent cooking skill will definitely leave me crying eating telur kicap/sardine/maggi for my berbuka puasa meal everyday. Here, kakak cooked me sambal so i don't have to pening pening fikir nak makan apa today. For me sambal nasi telur boleh tambah tiga pinggan dah and tak pernah jemu makan telur dan sambal 😂

Puasa di UK, the weather is chilly and you have to fast for approximately 20 hours. First of all, I don't like chilly weather, it hurts my spine when its cold 😢 and then i just have 4 hours between iftar and sahur je. This is very very challenging for a person who suffers from gastric like me. In Newcastle fajr is at 2am and maghrib is at 10pm. Alhamdulillah setakat ni okay je my stomach still adapting with the fasting duration.

And today we decided to cook special dishes to satiate our cravings. Therefore, the onde-onde and karipap in the picture.

Semalam makan kuih bakar haih terubat sikit rindu kuih muih Malaysia. And sirap bandung of course #sirapbandungisbae 😍

P/S: still recovering from my post-traveling exhaustion, will update about my Europe trip soon ! Sabar ye, some of the pictures are already on my instagram. I'll post the rest of the photos here special untuk korang 😊❤️

P/S: Selamat menyambut Ramdhan semua, maaf sekiranya ada terlanjur kata sepanjang menulis blog ni. Do as many good deeds as you can because even when youre thinking of Him, Allah will grant you with tremendous amount of pahala. Who doesn't want that right ☺️ ?

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