Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ramadhan Reflection - Dua(s)


Note: I actually had written this post few days ago and Azura suddenly decided to shut down when I was almost done with it. Sadly, no draft saved so I have to gather every tiny bit of strength that I have to rewrite this post again. Feeling nak tulis pun dah tak sama, sorry :(

Lately I was wondering why some of duas haven't been answered by Him. I was so sad pondering upon it like- What did I do that makes Him sayang me less ?  Did I ask for too much ? Did I make Him angry that he put me on silent treatment ? Then I stumbled upon a Youtube video by The Daily Reminder (TDR) more or so about the etiquette of dua. You guys should subscribe to this channel too because all the videos are short and precise. I'm really not a fan of long video/movie. You can catch me drooling on the couch or sleeping in the cinema if the movie's duration exceeds 2 hours hehehe. No kidding.

Okay back to the main point. From that video, the speaker said before we ask for something make sure that we are clear from these-  eating/drinking haram food, wearing haram clothes and living on haram resources. Checked, as far as I'm concern I didn't do any of those things. Living in the States, I tell you dugaannya tuhan je yang tahu. Nauzubillah, may Allah keep protecting me from losing my sense. In term of food, mana nak dapat KFC (because KFC is so common in Malaysia) halal kat sini, the nearest pun 5 hours of driving tau. So our choices of food are really restricted where United States is really famous for its fast food hamburger, corn dog, beef jerky, KFC pun originated from here fyi. You should understand how seducing the food is. But, I really jaga what I'm eating over here because I personally believe apa yang kita makan akan jadi darah daging kita and will somehow affects our future (like future kids, life and whatnot, you guys get it right ?).

So what's the reason my wishes haven't come true ? As I watched the video, the mufti said "You need to believe that your duas will be granted by Him" That's it ! That's it ! It came across me that whenever I ask for something I just hope for it to happen. When He granted it, THEN i'll believe that it's destined for me. Faham tak ? hahaha It's like when I pray for it, deep inside I feel "kalau dapat, dapat lah, tak dapat tak apa, I'm not mad". When I actually have to feel "kalau doa ni confirm dapat, have faith Ili keep praying" Because Allah already said "Berdoalah, nescaya aku akan kabulkan". So that's the reason I could think of as for now, before this I was not sincerely yakin in my dua. After this insyaaallah I'll try not to give up on my dua and firmly believe that sooner or later it'll be granted.

So tu je lah cerita dia hahaha tulis bukan main panjang isi penting dia sikit je. I'm sorry for this random post I just feel that I need to share this info with you guys ( padahal entah entah semua orang dah tahu, lame Ili lame) hahaha okay I'm now accepting questions from you guys especially questions on the incoming Eid. Soalan cliche pun tak apa like fav Raya song, fav kuih raya, how does it feels puasa 20 hours, raya kat overseas tak sedih ke and etc. Macam biasa tanya dekat my Thankyou !

P/S: I'm still drafting my Europe trip post. Forgive me for being so slow and malas about it, all this while I thought it was Syaitan's doing when actually I'm the malas one hehehe

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