Friday, July 24, 2015

Magnum Cafe London


To those who don't know me, I'm an ice cream junkie. I really love ice cream, like deeply madly do love ice cream. So when I stand a chance to create my own ice cream at Magnum Cafe London, only God knows how delighted I was. We had to wait in a long queue before we could go in to the shop. This is a pop up store, it's open during summer only. If i'm not mistaken this store opens until August 30th 2015. 

Here's my 'Glittery Berry' ! Look how pretty she is in the photo below...

I'm sorry that I took such a bad picture. But as you can see here, Glittery (yes, we are on the first name basis because we're close like that hehehe) is so beautiful. It has silvery sparkles and red Goji berries on it. And guess what the greeny sprinkles are ? Yes, you're right, it's the Pistachio nut sprinkles ! Glittery is a raspberry flavored ice cream, coated with classic chocolate and swirled by the milky chocolate. She's not just pretty but tasty ! 

Oh my god I'm so happy with my Glittery Berry, I think I can be the Ice Cream guru already. Who says ice cream can't be pretty and edible at the same time ? Also if you're the adventurous kind of person, you can play with the experiment toppings such as- chili flakes, rose petals and i can't remember what else on the table. This fun and excited experience costs me 4.50 pound, which I think very reasonable as you can pick your own toppings. Thankyou #MagnumLDN !

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