Monday, July 6, 2015

Manchester, UK


Here, I'm having Eye of Manchester as my background. I'm truly thankful to my sister for tagging me along with her, touring Europe this time. We went to five countries and spend about 1000pound/pax (including accommodations and transportations) which I think is a good investment considering we travelled for 19 days.

Newcastle - Manchester - Venice - Florence - Rome - Athens - Santorini - Istanbul - Vienna - Prague - Newcastle

So it's basically a round trip to and fro England !

England - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Austria - Czech Republic - England

There's eight of us and you can see more photos on Instagram by searching the hashtag #M8sInEurope. From Newcastle, we took bus (Megabus) to Manchester since our flight to Venice departed from Manchester Airport (MAN). Megabus is really cheap in Europe and the State, the ticket even starts from $1 ! But you have to bear with the nauseous bus ride, there are a lot of round about over here and the fact that we were riding the double-decker bus makes the ride worse/less fun for me. I literally laid in a fetal position on the seats because I couldn't stand it. Well, I think it depends on the bus driver actually. Just hope that next time I'll get the skillful one then I can sleep through the 7 hours journey to Manchester in peace.

Later in the evening we went to this one Halal restaurant called Barakat. Forgive me because I actually forgot its name, but I really really hope I guess it right hehe. You'll get free flow of mint tea if you dine in. My sister ordered this Chicken with Rice and for me I had half pound of beef burger. The price is really affordable considering the huge amount of food you get. The mint tea complements the Mediterranean food well. A great combination these two !

I'm so happy with my half pound beef burger. The beef is so tender and the bread is so fluffy. But you have to add the sauce and mayonnaise to enhance the taste because it only came with bread and beef. Finally my halal burger crave satisfied !

The highlight of the trip- me and my banana + coconut smoothies against the world. By far my most fav flavor of smoothies ! Refreshing ! If you're visiting Manchester, you should go to this dessert shop, it's nearby with the Barakat restaurant. It has ice cream, waffle and cake too. Yummy !

After that we went shopping and sight-seeing around the central part. We have to go back and sleep early since we have a flight to catch at 6 am. In the next post I'll bring you guys to Venice, Italy ! Till then, Selamat berpuasa and hope you'll utilize this 10 malam terakhir to the max. Love - I

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