Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer 2015: Venice, Italy


Going to Venice is definitely in my wish list, I was so happy to be here. Picture above is taken by Azura but it can never do the justice. But i was slightly disappointed with the Gondola fare which was 80 euro per gondola (that was the cheapest that I found). So we didn't ride it although going to Venice was all about enjoying the Gondola ride. Actually nah I don't mind since the water is a bit smelly and the weather is quite hot, I would rather spend the money on the famous Italian gelato !

So this is where I found the love of my life, Mr. Mango gelato. Say hi to him guys. He's a shy guy hehehe. If you are planning to go here, I suggest you guys to have a lunch at this restaurant- Antico Gatoleto (hope I got it right omg I'm so bad with spelling). This restaurant is like a hidden gem, you have to maze through your way for about 30 mins from the bus station but I swear it's worth it.

I had this Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti recommended by the waiter, it's sooooooo good. Though it's black but the taste was exquisite, better than the ordinary fried spaghetti. I wouldn't mind if i have to eat this everyday. Just remember to look at the mirror after eating this since the black ink stained your teeth and lips, otherwise this dish is a must try ! The other recommended dish is the Spaghetti Ala Busara which I think means Spaghetti with small lobster. This one is satisfying too ! Look at that fresh and juicy lobsters. Yummy !

I still don't get it why the souvenirs are so Phantom Of the Opera-ish. They sell a lot of masks with different shapes and colors. But I didn't get one since I can't make use of it rather than hang it on the wall and stare. But that can get scary though at night, oh well seems like I've made a right decision !

Different types of pasta in Venice, colorful and lovely !

Zara's top | Primark's pants, sandals, hat and backpack | Fossil's shades
Primark store is really cheap though, I bought the sandals for 4 pounds. Worth it ! But I made a wrong decision by wearing sandals here, in Venice you're going to walk a lot because like I said before it's a maze, you'll get lost easily. The pathway was uneven thus it hurts my feet since this sandal is the jelly bean type, it has thin sole :( 

We spent a night at Alle Torri hotel which is outside of the Venice (save the cost). Good thing, this hotel has bus stops right in front so you don't have to walk to find them. We actually had a free bus rides in Venice since we don't know where to buy the ticket. We thought that we're supposed to buy it from the driver but that wasn't the case and we don't speak the language, it's hard to communicate with them. So yeah...

I think Venice is a lovely place for a newlywed. The atmosphere is quite romantic. But since it's summer it gets really hot here, you should bring a hat with you. Remember, wear a pair of comfortable shoes too ! 

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