Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Activity: Rock Climbing


One of the perks of being a buckeye is you have a free access to the sports facilities (our school has one of the best gym in the nation though #braggingrights ) That includes the rock climbing facility ! Few days before I went to Europe I decided to give it a try because I've never done it before. Why not since it's free and the equipments were free too. From beginner noob newbies like me to the expert climbers, all are welcome to try this sport at the ARC. 

The special shoes for the climber. The soles made of the rubber to prevent slippery

Harness, my precious harness, my trustworthy harness, my i-put-my-life-at-stake harness, my can-you-please-hug-me-tighter harness.

This is the intermediate track, I only can step and hold on the muddy green rocks. Lucky, I'm not afraid of height. Weird, I'm afraid of cats. When you're up there it's so tiring and your legs started to weaken/shake as you go up (at least for me because i'm not fit). And at that moment the only thing that you would beg for was the ground. It's like "Put me down I don't think I can do this. Where's the ground" and the instructor keep on yelling to you not to give up. I made it to the top but between you and me, one of the reasons was because I didn't want to disappoint the cute instructor hehehe





The happiest moment in my life laying on the ground. Seriously, I could've never been happier. Do I still want to do it next time ? Yes, of course but maybe climbing on the more challenging track next time. I had fun, that's the most important thing. The adrenaline rush I had when I barely stepping and holding on the small rocks. It's like the moment of death- once you let go of the rocks you'll fall down the cliff (figuratively) so I had to set my mind straight that I needed to keep moving forward and never give up. That's was the hardest part because I always have a rough time of 'letting go' this time I choose to not let go too. And look where it got me...

Up top !!!!! But this isn't always the case though, I seriously in dire need to learn how to let go and give up. Perhaps letting go is the best option for you [2:216]...

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