Sunday, July 5, 2015

Traveling Tips: Travel Checklist


Because I love traveling so much, I wanted to share my travel checklist with you guys and some tips that might be useful for some of you. Bear in mind that I'm not a travel guru,  share with me if you have more tips to be included in this post. I will add them later insyaallah.

1. Where to go ? 

Now we have our travel destination in mind, the next thing we need to think of is- transportation. Last time when I went to California I took flight instead of driving. Yes, driving is way cheaper but thinking of the agony where we have to drive for 24++ hours to get there, I passed. That is a serious amount of time we need to spend on the road, when we actually could spend them on exploring the place itself. See, these are the things that you should think about before you decide on the transportation. Some people love to drive for a long time, some people don't. Consult with your travel partners first on which mean of transportation benefited you the most so you can enjoy your travel without suffering from back pain.

For the airplane ticket, I usually go to / / / I will compare the prices between these four sites and buy the cheapest one. I go to Kayak Explore only to check where is the cheapest flight ticket from my destination. For example, when I was planning to go to visit my sister in Newcastle,UK, I checked which airport offers the cheapest flight ticket from Columbus, Ohio (CMH). Then from the website it tells me from Columbus to Dublin, Ireland (DUB) it only costs me $830 compared to Heathrow Airport, London ($1000++) and Charles De Gaulle, Paris ($1000). I bought the ticket to Dublin right away and asked my sister to buy me the local flight (Ryanair) to Newcastle which costs $40 (including the check-in baggage). A return flight ticket from CMH to Newcastle is $1600- I saved around $700 by putting extra effort researching. It's a lot of money still since I have to fork out my own saving but who says travelers have a lot of money in their account, right ? (well, at least I don't) 

2. Other concerns ? (if applicable- for traveling abroad)

Visa- Check if that country requires visa. If yes, then you have to apply for it right away since the process of getting a visa sometimes takes days or weeks.

Currency- Check the local currency and exchange the currency beforehand. Don't exchange your hard-earned money at the airport because the rates are usually higher compared to the ones outside.

3. What should I bring ? 

I stick to this list each time I go travel. It's easy if you have a list so you won't forget to bring these necessities. By necessity I mean if you forgot to bring one of them this will cause you a major headache, we don't want that. You can start by creating your own list or just copy mine, whichever is suitable/easier for you. Driver license is important if you suddenly want to rent a car or ATV during your vacation. Some attractions like museum offers student discount for the entrance fee- this is where your student ID comes in handy. Don't forget to print your flight ticket and keep it in one folder so it'll be easier to reach. The ones with '!!' are the most important things you have to bring along with you. Before you pack your stuff remember to google for the weather forecast beforehand so you can dress up accordingly. Make sure to check if the country you plan to go use the same charger plug/head with yours or the different ones too. 

That's all from me, I hope this check list helps. Salam Nuzul Quran from United Kingdom - I

Note: Since I was 19, I live solely on my convertible scholarship fund and my monthly salary- which is not much. I'm not bragging, the point is I just want to say that there's no reason you cannot explore the world while you're still young. Go out and live to the fullest. Plus, Air Asia offers a lot of 'tambang murah' deals, so grab this opportunities. I haven't explored Asia yet, I only had been to Malaysia. Thus, with all due respect, please make me jealous guys. Show me all the beautiful places Asia has to offer !

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