Monday, August 3, 2015

A day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland !


*insert intro lagu Julia by Exist* That is the only song that I could think of whenever I heard someone's playing the traditional musical instrument of Scotland - the Bagpipe. Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland ! Today I will share with you guys about my day trip (read: exactly 12 hours) to Edinburgh with my sister (which is pronounce as Edin-Bru) Before I forget, I want to give a warm welcome to the month of August weeeeheeee my fav month (just because it's my birthday guyssss) (P/S: I hope you still remember which date it is and wish me *knife emoji tiga kali*)

Moving on, the first destination is the Edinburgh Castle ! (But seriously though, do wish me on my birthday, I'm such a birthday freak hikhikhik) This is where the famous Military Tattoo took place but I guess it only happen at night, so I didn't have the chance to watch it :( 

I didn't go to the castle, you have to pay for the admission and the line was long during that time. I just went to the gift shop to see what's inside the castle instead hehehehe (you can flip through the book about the castle inside this shop, great move if you just have less than a day trip like me)

"I will protect my people (read: unicorns, dragons, teddy bears) from those evil witches." said the delusional Princess Ilifilza  

On a serious note, Scotland is also famous for the Loch Ness monster (below is not so serious photo of me wearing Nessie hat) (Nessie nama manja bagi Loch Ness) 

After that, we walked up to the Arthur's Hill where you can see the inactive volcano from afar...

...and this Parthenon ! I saw a Chinese couple took their wedding photo shoot here. It's very calm and relaxing after draining my energy climbing up the stairs to the hill.

The view is breathtaking. Totally worth it ! Picture above- me overlooking the volcano !

Whenever I go, I always have time for great art pieces. So here am I staring at the art pieces in the National Art Gallery. Admission is free guys, come visit if you have free time !

The grass is always greener on the other side, they said. But you can see it by yourself here how truly green it is and how comfortable was I napping on the inclining slope. Such a great place to end my tiring day trip. Overall, Edinburgh is a great place to visit. It gives you the historical and ancient atmosphere as you strolling around the city. Calm and relaxing. Thankyou for reading, till the next post !

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