Monday, August 17, 2015

Achievement Unlocked: Made it on the GHC Website !


I'm so stoked knowing the fact that I'm gonna be sponsored by Apple to the Grace Hopper Conference 2015 ! Albeit, a tad sad because there's no picture of me on the website though I gave it to them. Be grateful Ilifilza, be grateful. You've made it to the ABI website, that was an achievement unlocked already.

Rewind a bit........

I applied for a grant to the GHC 2015 few months ago and I got it. Alhamdulillah. I was so happy because at that moment the though of Anita Borg Institute funded me to the conference was good enough, I couldn't ask for more. But then today after I saw the list of scholars, I found out that the scholarship is actually from Apple. Omg I've been dreaming to work for this company since ever, but then I've lowered my expectation since my grade was bad these past semesters. This coming October it's such an honor to represent the company as a scholar, I'm very thankful for this. All praises to Allah, thank you for this oppoturnity.

Rewind a bit some more.....

As I wrote the scholarship essay, I just wrote what I feel and what I sincerely want like what I always do when I'm blogging. People always compliment me for my genuine writings, I think that's why I got the scholarship. If you're sincere in whatever you're doing, the rewards are abundance until you lost count. And today I wanted to humbly pray to Allah for everything that he gave me and still giving instead asking for more. Indeed, you're The Generous one and only.

Exclusive- I will copy and paste my scholarship essay down below just for you guys. Hope you can get something from it. Thank you for reading guys !

The question is more or less like this: Why do you want to go to the GHC 2015 ?

Here's my answer...

Coming from a family where education is not my parents' strong pursuit motivates me to educate myself properly for a better future. I want to gain knowledge and experiences as much as I could from people around me so that I can inspire others. The Grace Hopper Celebration is a platform for me to get to know those amazing women in the computing world more closely. I am hoping to have an active information exchange with these inspiring women so that I could build up my own path in spreading my passion of computer science to younger women. I am majoring in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) and to me this course is really challenging. To be able to attend this event is more like a 'retreat' after getting 'beaten up' by the codes. I have no background in programming before I came to Ohio State University (OSU). I learned programming the hard way but I don’t want to give up because this is where my passion is. My country, Malaysia, needs people like me to educate its people on programming. In my country, programming is not a well-known field in any tertiary education institutions. It is funny when my uncle only could picture me as a girl who fixes computer hardware when I told him about my major when Computer Science is way beyond that imagination. Truth to be told, most of Malaysians are still having a little knowledge of computing and programming let alone the women. After graduating from OSU, with the knowledge that I have, I plan to educate youngsters in Malaysia about computing. I want to show them that major positive changes can be made to the world within those lines of codes. That is what Computer Science is, a fun yet challenging field. In the future, I also hope that the phrase “women in computing” is just a common phrase that does not draw any special attention into it because in the future a girl who codes should be common thing. Ultimately, those motivations and supports that I will gain from this event will definitely keep me going through this field of study and finish it strong. As for now, taking CSE as my major is a statement that I want to make to the public. A statement that says "Hey, I'm a girl, and I rock at coding !".

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