Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Current Obsession !


I'm not a snack person. I rarely eat junk food unless it's Tam Tam or MiMi (if you don't know these two dynamic duo, you probably aren't a 90s kids club member). But when I went to Scotland my sister introduced me to this tiny itsy bitsy snacks- Marks&Spencer Biscuit ! This tiny container makes me want to start snacking again. Oh god, my knight in shining armor has arrived ! It has a lot of flavors but this one down here is my fav maynnn. It tasted like a Chocolate Cornflakes but crunchier and more chocolatey, yummy ! 

Say hi to Mr Chocflakes ! The truth is i can gobble all these up in one Suits episode. That measures how delicious it is. But right now i can only swallow them slowly one by one to avoid finishing them... (Yes my lazy ass won't move an inch to buy some more). It's only 2 pounds each you buy two of them. 

Look how tiny it is, but for two pounds it's worth it ! Snacks in bed- what's better than this, right ? 

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