Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday Ilifilza !


Alhamdulillah I'm finally 21 years old. Surprisingly the gifts that I received for my birthday are all pink. Does that was their subtle way of telling me to be more feminine ? My fav gift is wrapped in the small pink box from my mom which is the key-shaped locket (when actually she told me that she's giving me 'bedak sejuk', best troll ever) ! It came all the way from Malaysia though. I'm very very very touched. Then the second one is the pink Miaou bag from my sister. This one pun troll jugak she told me she's bought the plain one that we agreed upon earlier since this Miaou bag was sold out throughout the country. I was so sad thinking that the bag was fated not to be mine. But suddenly taddahhhh- she gave me as a gift !!!

While whatsapping mum she gave me all the pictures when I was kid, the bottom right one is my fav. I'm all giggling and carefree. Mom seriously you're the best ! 

Okay let's go back a bit to a few days before my birthday....

Kakak's friends from Malaysia touched down here at Newcastle bearing all the gifts (Since the bag was sold out, she bought it at the Paris airport with the help of her friend, okay now my kakak is the best jugak but I have to put her second after mom) But since I still wanted the bag, that exact day I went out to search for it offline. But my effort goes in vain, I went back then kakak give me the gift right away eventhough it's not my birthday yet. A gesture that subtly says "nah karang kau beli pulak the exact same bag, kau ni bukan reti sabar" hehehehe you know me well kakak. Therefore, thankyou :)

And kakak's friend just gave me a pack of chocolate saying that mom gave it to me as my birthday gift. I was all excited since I'm a birthday freak, asalkan ada hadiah then I'm in the cloud nine already hahaha (yes that kind of freak). When the real birthday gift came out lagilah terharu, holding my tears, sebak since mom gave me a gold locket instead. Then the Newcastle peeps celebrated me with candles-on-top brownies and balloon ! As we all know, I love balloon !!! I couldn't ask for more !

History of freakishness

I don't know why but since I was little I'm so excited about celebrating my birthday. Will constantly remind people to wish me days before the event and on the day itself pretended to be surprised and touchy as if they remember it all along hehehehe. I don't put my birth date on my social medias because I want to see who's remember and who's not. Of course, this is a test to my love ones since they knew Ilifilza gonna be all touchy if they failed to wish me. To my inner circle, if they forgot to wish me, I will haunt them and beg for the wish because their wishes meant a lot to me. Obviously, because they're important.

Example of attacking your friend if they forgot your birthday (the less embarrassing one)

Trust me, there's one attack this year that I'm embarrased the most when the person actually decided to wish me last and I went all emo-ish hahaha then he goes "hahaha awak ni dah 21 pun still macamni (read: childish)"

Another reason why I'm really freakish about my birthday is because this is the only day that I'll get to receive all the compliments and love notes from them. It's the day when they'll list their fav part of me, they'll tell how much they love me (oh, this is my fav part) and how important I'm in their life. It's like annual reminders why you're awesome and why you need to keep doing that, these-people-need-you kind of spirit booster that I'm gonna reread when times are rough for the year ahead.

Among the touchy tear jerker love notes that I received......

All in all this year's celebration was simple yet very memorable and mature one. I love it and I'm still counting the blessings that God bestowed upon me. Alhamdulillah for everything ya Allah, indeed you're the best planner ! - August 6th, 2015

Till the next post, happy birthday Ilifilza Anis Rusli. I love you ! 

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