Monday, August 17, 2015

Star Wars Canvas Wall Art for Sale


Hey guys! For Star Wars fanatics out there, this printed canvas poster down below is up for grabs. I'm helping my sister to sell it directly from UK. Also, I bought one for myself, I can't help it. Though I'm not a fan but I can imagine this wall art is a great addition to my room's decoration. It gives the room a vintage feeling. Therefore, I must/have/need to buy it. Period.

Size: 50x70cm
Price: GBP 31 / MYR200 (shipping included)
This picture don't do the justice, the colors are more vibrant if you see it up front.

If you're interested, kindly email her at (I actually wanted this email address first but she took it, ugh the 'perks' of having same initial and last name). I'll update this post once it's sold out. Thank you for reading !

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