Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gmarket Review: First Purchase !


Recently I bought some stuffs from Gmarket website. It'a a korean website similar to Amazon. The delivery was fast, it took about 10 days to arrived in front of my door. Lately, I've been so into Korean skincare products. My skin acted out so bad ever since my trip to Europe, I didn't put so much care into them while traveling since I don't have time. So basically I bought different types of skincare for my first time purchase such as serum, toner, moisturizer, face mask, eye cream and many more. 

The box is very huge because it contained several smaller boxes and packages from different stores. Actually I didn't splurge so much, it's just the small boxes take up the space. Like that one box in the picture above with the "Mizon" word on it, that's just a tiny eye cream but the seller put it in a much bigger box. I think it's easier and convenient to receive a box with everything inside rather than receiving each of the parcel separately. 

I really love this website because it has coupons and discounts. I saved a lot buying skincare products  on this website compared to buying from eBay or US shops that sell Korean products. However, it's little bit tedious and hard to purchase since some of the options were written in Hangul (Korean Alphabete). I'm lucky since I learned Hangul so I kinda know what the option says. For the buyer who doesn't speak Hangul, you can purchase by looking at the picture at the information section, sometimes the buyer put the number beside the picture so it'll be easier for the international people to buy. Otherwise, you can ask for my help ! Don't be shy, I truly understand we girls love to shop. Me too a shopaholic (hashtag DearFutureHusband lol). 

Also, Gmarket sells a lot of other stuff such as clothes, accessories, cooking utensils, albums, specifically Big Bang album and Big Bang merchandise hehehehe VIP alert ! Maybe next post insyaallah I'll show you what I bought, and review the skincare products either it works or not. But honestly, I think my skin is getting better, been using those products for almost a month now. I no longer have the dull skin and it's softer I think, but still having trouble getting rid of the breakouts. My skin is dry type of skin, so I rarely have pimples. Till the next post ladies !

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