Thursday, September 10, 2015

Microwave Hack (Part 2)


I've been away for a long time, sorry about that. Was super busy with school, currently taking 18 credits this semester and all classes require a lot of time and patience for coding in different languages- Ruby, C, HTML, CSS. Then work some more, no no I'm not complaining, I just feel really exhausted and all, coming home from work feel like a walking dead. Looking forward to this weekend where I can sleep without books by my side !

As a prove of my hectic days, down here is the instant noodle PAMA that I cooked using the microwave. It took less than 5 mins to prepare this. Then you guys will say "What's the big deal? Instant noodle is supposed to cook in 3 mins pun ?!?!?" Then I'll reply "Relax... Just look at the other photo then you'll see why I do have the bragging rights"

Tadaaaaa ! Because my instant noodles got egg inside ! Look at the solid yolk ! It's not dripping, it's solid guys !!!

Usually if you want to cook instant noodle with egg you need to cook it on the stove so the egg is well-cooked. But since I was so busy last few weeks I invented this recipe called  "The 2 mins Instant Noodle with egg using microwave !" Fancy enough huh ? Sorry, I have no time to think of any fancy name for my genius invention, if you have better name then just comment down below. So here is it:

1. Basically you just need a bowl, water, an egg and a packet of instant noodle. 
2. Fill up the bowl with water according to your preference then heat it up using microwave for 1 minute.
3. While waiting for the water to boil, you can wash the egg and start to open the instant noodle packet
4. After 1 minute, take out the bowl and then crack the egg into the hot water.
5. Put the instant noodle on top of the egg and then sprinkle the seasoning to finish it up.
6. Again, put the bowl inside the microwave and heat it up for another 1 minute. 
7. Clean up while you're waiting for it to be cooked.
8. Voila ! Your instant noodle with egg is done !

I should have patented this recipe or maybe copyright it. Who knows Gordon Ramsey will use this recipe in his cooking shows then I can get money from the royalty hehehehe. Btw, I never tried it with maggi noodle. Tell me if it works with maggi, I wanna know.

By the end of my undergraduate study I think I can be 'microwave guru' already. I'm so lazy to the point I'll use microwave/oven to cook whenever it's possible. If it's not, then I'll make the impossible, possible. Even that day I cook fried chickens using oven in 30 mins. Lucky me it turned out well and tasty. Till the next post. Goodluck trying out my recipe ! Teehee

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