Saturday, October 24, 2015

#OOTD: GHC15 Houston, TX


Well, mom just told me that my brother reads my blog, guess I have to behave from now on and post more educational/inspirational stuff rather than nonsense... like this one.

I just got back from the Grace Hopper Celebration 2015 at Houston, Texas last Saturday. Oh it has been a week already yet I haven't gotten a proper sleep yet tsk tsk. Let's talk about the conference later, now I just wanna show you guys what I wear during the three days event. 

On my first day, since I was so excited for the event I woke up early and had a chance to take a mirror selfie. So this is my outfit of the day. I really love the ZARA top, I bought it couple months ago but this was my first time donning it. It's sort of a formal top and I don't have any formal event to attend in Columbus, yet. So yeah, basically, Zara top, F21 $10 pants and GH Bass & Co shoes for the first day. 

Second day

Wearing a top and flats from Primark (now Primark has opened in Boston !), a khaki pants I forgot from where  and my lovely MIAOU bag, a gift from my sister for my birthday this year. I received many compliments on the bag, I personally think this bag is very chick and fun to wear either to the formal event or just a daily grocery shopping. I really love this bag,very, and I'm gonna wear it even when I'm thirty. Don't judge !

Third day

Third day is when I was lazy to play barbie. So I just wore a free tshirt that I got from the career fair and match it up with a kimono cardigan. Then, I pair those up with a pants which is actually mom's. She gave it to me before I flew to the states.

Later that evening, we have a big celebration at the Minute Maid Park Houston. So this is what I wear to the party, a knee length dress from H&M and a lacey cardigan that I bought in Malaysia. 

Till the next post ladies !

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