Sunday, October 25, 2015

What KFC means to you ?


Disclaimer this is not a KFC sponsored post, an appreciation post rather. You'll never appreciate KFC enough unless you're studying/living abroad in the States. Well, that depends on which state you live in actually. If you're living at California, Texas or Chicago then consider yourself lucky since there's a halal one. It's not that we don't have KFC here, ada berlambak since KFC is originated from Kentucky, US. Just the halal ones are rare to see, only in a certain place where the population of Muslims is high. 

We even do flatlay guys, see .... 

Taking this picture sambil menangis terharu finally got to eat them, the struggle is real. 

So when I was in Texas I had a chance to buy one. Oh my god the taste was so good, similar to Malaysia ones but even better since they have grilled and crunchy options for the chicken. Picture up above is just a meal for two hahaha just imagine how we missed to eat at KFC and how easy we could get them back in Malaysia. We decided to buy a family bucket just to satiate our cravings. 

While my friends in Malaysia uploaded photos at those fancy places like TGIF, Chilli's, Sangkaya and other hipster cafes, here am I taking selfie with a KFC chicken bucket ! KFC > hipster cafes FTW 

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