Saturday, November 21, 2015

Achievement unlocked: Made curry puffs !

Can I brag now ? Can I brag ? Okay please let me brag, I can now make a curry puff aka karipap ! 

I mean you guys know I can’t cook right. Successfully claimed the edge of curry puff neatly is definitely achievement unlocked hehehe and actually making karipap is not that hard, either you can make time to make it or not, ceyyy

Trying to be artistic by capturing from behind the orchids but failed…. at least i tried 

The crust is crunchy I still cannot believe that I made them *cries a river* 

Thank you kak nadiah for teaching me how to claim the karipap edge patiently. She went back to Malaysia yesterday since she's done with her phd. Like I said on my Instagram, kak nadiah responsible to cook on friday (yes, our house have a cooking schedule and mine on thursday). So as you can see now I have to take over her position, but my cooking skill isn't up to that standard. She set the bar up so high. Usually on friday, I really look forward to have lunch at home because she always cook special dish such as nasi lemak, nasi ayam, mee curry, keropok lekor etc. 

I feel sorry to my housemates since now they have to eat my paste-based dish. Going down from nasi lemak ayam to sup ayam real quick. 

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