Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Columbus Museum of Arts Grand Opening


Since my love towards arts is so deep, here I'm gonna write again about my visit to our local art museum, Columbus Museum of Arts, that opened last week to public. It's a free admission day so I got to wander and play around the space. Since it's free, then you have to squeeze your butt between people just to take a closer look of the art piece. It's worth it so why not... plus squeezing butt is fun, you get to know how strong your butt muscle is compared to others hahaha just kidding !

The cool thing about this museum is that some parts of it are interactive. Means you can either play with the illusion mirror or solve a puzzle of the famous painting while you're there. 

Good news ! The museum admission is free on Sunday ! Definitely, this will be my fav lepak spot during the cold winter since walking off the street will give me frostbite, admiring arts won't.  

One thing that caught my attention was in the picture above. As you can see there's the miniature sculpture in the box and then when you take a look outside the window, you'll see the large scale of the same exact sculpture. That's so cool ! 

Thanks to my housemate Kak Shu I had an amazing evening and thanks for being my photographer  too ! Art museum is really fun guys, go check out local art gallery/museum near you. Also, don;t forget to check out the arts shop too, they sell a lot of cool and creative things such as notebook, coloring book, mugs, pencil case and stationeries. It's a cheap entertainment that you can find without having to spend loads of money : )

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