Monday, November 16, 2015

Dessert Freak

I'm that person who always need to have something sweet after a heavy meal (ie ice cream, cakes, fruits, ice cream again) If not, the feeling of unsatisfaction will linger around and I tend to eat more meals afterwards to fill the tummy. And that's not healthy...

Luckily, at Kroger the desserts are so affordable, rather cheap. I mean look at the price tag down here. For two slices of the red velvet it only costs me $2.99 !!! To satiate your random red velvet craving, these cakes tasted decent enough.

Please ignore the poor quality of the images since patience isn't my virtue, I couldn't wait to eat them. My phone was upstairs and all I had was my laptop yet I still need to take these photos for my blog. Hence, the low resolution because I used the photo booth apps.

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