Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Soon to be deleted since I feel this post sounds bimbo-tic.

I wanted to buy a .com domain for my blog but I'm not sure should I keep ilydotus as the domain or pick another name that probably more mature and professional I guess.

The history of this blog's name, here goes...

When I was  in the high school, form 4 precisely where I read on Herodotus the philosopher (i guess, on a second thought now I'm not sure who he is) on my History textbook. The point is, when I was with my boyfriend I always blurt out factual stuff that aren't necessary true ie, 'You tahu tak kalau tidur kepala letak atas meja nanti pipi besar sebelah?' then he'll say 'Yeke, siapa cakap ?'. Then I said 'Ilydotus !' (It was cute lah dulu, now pfffttt) Got it ? Since I made the facts up, so the source was fake philosopher too.

See how childish my blog history is, not like other people who had cool names for their blogs. But phewww luckily I didn't put like sayasayangawak.blogspot ke, that's gonna be a nightmare, gonna beat myself up for that sin haha and probably you guys are not gonna be reading this right now 

But ilifilzarusli sounds too formal, gahhhh help me guys !


  1. Don't change it . Ilydotus sounds fine. And fun too :)

  2. Herodotus is a Greek historian and philosopher. But you're the philosopher of your amazing life. So ilydotus sounds just fine!


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